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I am a dreamer and writing aids me to express those thoughts inside me and help me envision of a beautiful world.




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    How to make Henna Tattoo

    3 days ago

    Henna is a temporary tattoo, which gives color and design to any body part. This hub gives you an insight into how to make a cone of henna and ways to decorate any body part.

  • 39

    Pressure Cooker: How it works, and its benefits outlined

    3 days ago

    A Pressure Cooker is a quick gadget that involves healthy living and eventual weight loss since it cooks the food using mere steam. Read more of this hub to get an insight on how to use it.

  • 60

    What are you scared about?

    3 days ago

    What are you scared of? This hub will walk you down your fears and help you overcome it.

  • 45

    Learn to Play Cricket for Children aged 5 and above

    3 days ago

    Cricket is gaining popularity and is a team sport. It is ideal for children aged 5 and above to learn this game which will help develop their mind, body and spirit.

  • 32

    Freedom is a Privilege

    5 months ago

    Freedom is always taken for granted until we face a situation. This hub talks about a situation where it made me ponder over the above. Another opportunity for me to say thank you to all my fellow citizens who fought...

  • 38

    Go, Get a Life!

    3 days ago

    We get one Life and most of us choose to enjoy it to the fullest with materialism. But is there more to it? This hub will talk in detail...

  • 20

    Does Darkness encourage us to be evil?

    6 weeks ago

    Crime usually happens when no one is looking or when the sun has set, and darkness exists. Is the man too scared to commit a crime in the open just for mere judgement or is it sheer convenience?

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    How do I overcome Fear?

    3 days ago

    We all fear of something. But, does it have a solution? Will it help us gain something? Be fear-free and see what lies ahead. The possibilities are endless.

  • 8

    Be Human

    3 days ago

    Being a human is a very privileged life....better than any other life. This hub talks about the depth of being human in all ways!

  • 12

    My Innocence

    3 days ago

    Life is precious, and it can be lived only once without any re-runs. Living life with awareness is the key!

  • 45

    Life without Cell Phone

    3 days ago

    Have you imagined life without your cell-phone? This hub talks about experimenting yourself without your cell phone and other topics regarding the above. Try it!

  • 43

    What happens to our Soul, When We Die?

    3 years ago

    When Man is alive, he is juggling between zillion things that little does he realize that what will happen of his soul when his body is no more. This hub, ponders over that issue..

  • 12

    The Plight of the Bee

    3 days ago

    This hub talks about the impact of cell phone towers on bees and how pollination is getting affected by it.

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    Are you looking for something?

    3 days ago

    One Life, but we all are looking for something. A something that could give us happiness and bliss. This hub ponders over your search

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