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I am a dreamer and writing aids me to express those thoughts inside me and help me envision of a beautiful world.




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    The Perspective of Winning

    6 weeks ago

    Winners feel alive and invigorated as they experience something wonderful when they taste victory. What does winning mean to you? A trophy? A prize or a win over your emotions? This hub will discuss.

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    How to live Happily Ever After

    7 weeks ago

    Being happy is a state of mind, which could be followed by a happily ever after if we learn to recognize, and accept the hurdles that come our way. This hub will talk in-depth about it.

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    How is Healthcare Reform impacting Citizens

    2 months ago

    Health of every individual is a right that every government should make it an obligation to provide. How are countries faring with respect to the inflation and economy?This hub will give details..

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    Surprising Benefits Of Volunteering

    4 months ago

    Volunteering your time is precious since time is invaluable for many. Surprisingly volunteering can benefit the volunteer in many ways. This hub talks about it all.

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    Reiki, an Alternate way of Healing

    2 months ago

    Reiki is an alternate way of healing and this hub walks down with all useful information that mankind ALREADY possesses but deters to use it.

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    Learn to Play Cricket for Children aged 5 and above

    23 months ago

    Cricket is gaining popularity and is a team sport. It is ideal for children aged 5 and above to learn this game which will help develop their mind, body and spirit.

  • 33

    Energy Healing!

    2 months ago

    Humans are blessed with so much energy within them that they have the power to heal thyself. Chakras are within us and by following these simple steps, we can help stimulate the chakras/wheels of our body to get...

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    What would you do IF given a second chance?

    2 years ago

    Gifted are those people who get opportunities twice in a life-time. Being in the present moment helps us create awareness of the situation we are in; and that helps us grasp the chance we get. Awareness is the key to...

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    Men, dressed in Pink?

    2 weeks ago

    Man has color coded himself since the day he is born. Pink for Girls and Blue for boys. Seriously, are we that silly to be attached to a color. This hub talks about the advantages of men being in pink.

  • 45

    Life without Cell Phone

    18 months ago

    Have you imagined life without your cell-phone? This hub talks about experimenting yourself without your cell phone and other topics regarding the above. Try it!

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    What happens to our Soul, When We Die?

    2 years ago

    When Man is alive, he is juggling between zillion things that little does he realize that what will happen of his soul when his body is no more. This hub, ponders over that issue..

  • 34

    My Home

    15 months ago

    This Planet is the HOME of all living beings, and what is the current status of it? This hub gives the factual data on our present status and ways to save it.

  • 26

    How can I find my look alike?

    16 months ago

    I believe that every human has his look-a-like on this planet. We are just scattered on this BIG Earth of our's. How can we find our look alike? Ever ponder what will we do ONCE we find her/him?

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